Selecting Safe Baby Products: A Guide for Parents

By | October 31, 2023
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For your lovely child, their skin and body health must be well maintained so that they can be comfortable and active. Parents need to choose complete baby products both for the body, and hair, specifically baby products to maintain healthy skin. Then what you have to prioritize is choosing safe baby products, because not all baby products are safe to use.

What Are The Baby Products?

Parents need to care for their baby thoroughly and on one particular body part, it could require more than one product. To clarify what baby products are in general, check out some points below.

Baby Shampoo

Clean your baby’s scalp and hair with baby shampoo. The shampoo will make your baby’s hair softer and look healthy. While for babies, you need to choose shampoo products with a lot of water content, so what? So that it is not too painful when exposed to your baby’s eyes.

Baby Soap

What is baby soap? This soap has no irritating ingredients, so damage to a baby’s skin can be well avoided. As you know, you can choose between liquid soap and bar soap. Both are equally beneficial, but you might find it easier to bathe your baby with liquid soap.

Baby Powder

Make sure the baby powder you choose does not contain ingredients that can trigger skin irritation. Also, avoid using baby powder in the genital area, this can make the area dirty and can even be a place for germs to grow.

Use baby powder after your child has bathed, it reduces perspiration well especially when used on folds. The powder will reduce skin friction and thus prevent chafing.

Baby Lotion/Baby Oil

The ingredients used to make baby oil are water and mineral oil, sometimes baby oil is made with plant oils. Then what is the function of baby oil? Its use is to soften, moisturize, and clean the skin both the scalp and body skin.

The use of baby oil or baby lotion is highly recommended for babies who have dry skin. So what’s the difference between baby oil and baby lotion? Both are the same, but the oil content in baby lotion is less. In many cases, baby lotion is more intended to moisturize the skin. Baby oil is often used to clean skin crusts and diaper areas.

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Tips for Choosing Safe Baby Products

To take care of every part of the child’s body, it is necessary to use the right baby products. Check out the guide below so you can choose baby products that are safe to use.

Choose Formulated Baby Care Products

One of the tips for you is to make sure the care products you choose are baby-formulated. Adult care products should not be used for infants because they can damage the baby’s skin. A baby’s skin is still delicate, thin, and more prone to irritation.

Consider baby products with gentle ingredients to preserve the skin’s outer layer and its natural balance.


Not only parabens, also avoid products that contain phthalates and coloring ingredients. So before you buy a product, make sure to read the ingredients carefully. Parabens are one of the common ingredients found in many cosmetic products and have harmful effects when absorbed by a baby’s skin.

Also, find out whether the product contains dyes or not as this ingredient is not needed for special care products for babies. Phthalates are potentially dangerous as well because they can trigger ADHD, asthma, neurodevelopmental disorders, and low IQ.

Ph Balanced

Choose baby products marked “pH balanced,” or “pH neutral”, you can see the mark on the product packaging. So is pH balance that important? It’s important to pay attention to pH levels to maintain healthy skin, especially for the first few weeks.

The surface of a newborn’s skin changes to pH 5.5 from neutral. Neutral pH means neither alkaline nor acidic or pH 7. In most baby products, you may not be able to tell the pH level in detail, it just says pH balanced/neutral pH. If your baby’s skin, does not flake, is not dry, and looks healthy, then you may have found the right pH-neutral product.

Consider Baby Products With Natural Ingredients

The ingredients to avoid in baby care products are chemicals, although we all know that chemicals have various functions for a care product. But try to consider baby products made with natural ingredients, this is more advisable for your baby.

So what are the natural ingredients commonly used in baby products? Almond oil, aloe vera, almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and other natural ingredients are often used in baby care products.

Now you know how to choose the ideal care products for your baby. Give the best of all you’ve got for your baby’s health, starting from choosing safe baby products.