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7 Must-Have Baby Products for You

Have any of you had a baby yet? If yes, you have to prepare various baby supplies or maybe you need free baby stuff for low-income families. Then what are the baby supplies that must be prepared? Now, there are more and more baby supplies that we can use including modern ones. Let’s find out what are the must-have baby stuff for modern parents. Also, check here if you want free baby stuff for low income families.

Must-Have Modern Baby Products

You might be looking forward to shopping for all the supplies for your lovely baby. But don’t buy everything at the store, it might not be very useful or even just pile up at home.

This preparation is very important for every parent, your baby’s needs may be many and you may be surprised by the amount of equipment that must be prepared. Since baby supplies are increasingly varied, you may be confused about which one to choose. Some of these modern baby products might be your best reference.

1. Electric Breast Pump

This is the ultimate baby gear for modern parents, especially for working moms. This breast pump can support the baby to keep getting good nutrition from breast milk. You can choose a breast pump with the right size funnel, this is important so that it does not hurt you and is easy to use.

Electric pumps are highly recommended compared to manual breast pumps as they are much easier to use. An electric breast pump can be your savior during certain emergencies.

2. Electric Baby Swing

In addition to an electric pump, you may need an electric swing, which is a modern solution for your baby’s comfort. You don’t need to spend a lot of effort to soothe your baby. Electric swings have advanced technology, and most electric swings are made with baby-safe materials.

When your baby is in this swing, then your baby will feel a soothing experience without you having to swing. Even your child can feel the atmosphere like in the womb. Understand how to use the electric swing well so that there are no operational errors and you can use its features completely.

3. Carseat

Driving while holding a child is quite dangerous, whether it’s while driving or while being in the passenger seat. What’s more, if you don’t use your seat belt while holding your baby, this is a dangerous thing. Therefore, a car seat is another must-have baby gear for modern parents. The shape of the car seat is like a basket, you can remove the bottom base and this baby stuff is quite easy to carry around and can even be attached to the stroller.

4. Foldable Bathtub

Bathing a baby can be a fun time for parents especially if you use proper equipment such as a foldable bathtub. Baby bath supplies are quite simple starting from baby towels, baby soap, baby shampoo, soft cloths, and baby bathtub.

You will probably bathe your baby frequently, so you can try placing the bathtub in an area near water access. Make sure to hold your baby properly when bathing in this bathtub. Since this is a foldable bathtub, it will be easier for you to transport.

You can take the foldable bathtub with you when traveling. The baby bathtub will also support your child’s comfort when being bathed.

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5. Air Humidifier

Do you have to use an air humidifier for babies? This is a modern product that is beneficial for maintaining a baby’s health. Newborn babies are still quite sensitive to room temperature conditions. Even if it’s just a little cooler, the room temperature can make your baby catch a cold.

When your child has a cold, there may not be much you can do about it. Therefore, it is better to prevent your baby from getting a cold. A humidifier can support your baby’s respiratory health. Your child can breathe more easily, especially if coughing or if your child’s nose is blocked.

Another benefit of a humidifier is to help your baby sleep better. Make sure you buy an air humidifier with a proper filter.

6. Baby Stroller

Baby strollers have important benefits for every parent with a baby. Parents’ lives will be more practical with a baby stroller. The use of a stroller is so that your child can go outside more easily and still be able to rest. You can use the baby stroller in the morning or evening to enjoy the fresh air.

With a baby stroller, you can also take your child traveling. The stroller is baby equipment which means you no longer have to carry your baby, and the baby feels comfortable when in the stroller.

There have been quite a lot of innovations implemented in baby strollers, you can choose a stroller with features according to what you need such as having a canopy.

7. Baby Carrier

Besides a baby stroller, you also need a baby carrier. Don’t just use a long cloth to carry your baby. You can look more fashionable by using a baby carrier. You will also be more comfortable and safe when carrying your baby when using a baby carrier. If you are lucky, you can get a baby carrier as free baby stuff for low income families.

Baby Gear Buying Tips

It’s better to plan before buying baby stuff. Try to write a list of the most important baby supplies prepared first. Don’t buy everything in the store, make sure what you buy is needed.

While it’s important to aim for deals, you should still focus on planning your shopping list. You also don’t need to buy everything at the beginning, you can install the shopping list little by little and according to what you buy with your baby’s age. Explore your child’s needs every 3 months because in the difference between these months, the needs of babies can vary.

Don’t buy too many shoes, like buying up to 10 pairs of shoes. You need to remember that babies’ feet can grow quickly. This makes the use of shoes shorter than adults. So about baby walkers? Maybe some of you already know about baby walkers or have even used one.

Baby walkers can support children to walk even if they cannot walk yet.

But the use of baby walkers is not recommended, the muscles that get stronger with the use of baby walkers could be the wrong muscles. There are also many risks due to this baby walker.

So that’s what this article is about, explaining what baby products are suitable for modern parenting. Many technological breakthroughs in baby gear can make parents’ activities easier. You are also advised to find out about free baby stuff for low income families so that you can save more money.

Selecting Safe Baby Products: A Guide for Parents

For your lovely child, their skin and body health must be well maintained so that they can be comfortable and active. Parents need to choose complete baby products both for the body, and hair, specifically baby products to maintain healthy skin. Then what you have to prioritize is choosing safe baby products, because not all baby products are safe to use.

What Are The Baby Products?

Parents need to care for their baby thoroughly and on one particular body part, it could require more than one product. To clarify what baby products are in general, check out some points below.

Baby Shampoo

Clean your baby’s scalp and hair with baby shampoo. The shampoo will make your baby’s hair softer and look healthy. While for babies, you need to choose shampoo products with a lot of water content, so what? So that it is not too painful when exposed to your baby’s eyes.

Baby Soap

What is baby soap? This soap has no irritating ingredients, so damage to a baby’s skin can be well avoided. As you know, you can choose between liquid soap and bar soap. Both are equally beneficial, but you might find it easier to bathe your baby with liquid soap.

Baby Powder

Make sure the baby powder you choose does not contain ingredients that can trigger skin irritation. Also, avoid using baby powder in the genital area, this can make the area dirty and can even be a place for germs to grow.

Use baby powder after your child has bathed, it reduces perspiration well especially when used on folds. The powder will reduce skin friction and thus prevent chafing.

Baby Lotion/Baby Oil

The ingredients used to make baby oil are water and mineral oil, sometimes baby oil is made with plant oils. Then what is the function of baby oil? Its use is to soften, moisturize, and clean the skin both the scalp and body skin.

The use of baby oil or baby lotion is highly recommended for babies who have dry skin. So what’s the difference between baby oil and baby lotion? Both are the same, but the oil content in baby lotion is less. In many cases, baby lotion is more intended to moisturize the skin. Baby oil is often used to clean skin crusts and diaper areas.

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Tips for Choosing Safe Baby Products

To take care of every part of the child’s body, it is necessary to use the right baby products. Check out the guide below so you can choose baby products that are safe to use.

Choose Formulated Baby Care Products

One of the tips for you is to make sure the care products you choose are baby-formulated. Adult care products should not be used for infants because they can damage the baby’s skin. A baby’s skin is still delicate, thin, and more prone to irritation.

Consider baby products with gentle ingredients to preserve the skin’s outer layer and its natural balance.


Not only parabens, also avoid products that contain phthalates and coloring ingredients. So before you buy a product, make sure to read the ingredients carefully. Parabens are one of the common ingredients found in many cosmetic products and have harmful effects when absorbed by a baby’s skin.

Also, find out whether the product contains dyes or not as this ingredient is not needed for special care products for babies. Phthalates are potentially dangerous as well because they can trigger ADHD, asthma, neurodevelopmental disorders, and low IQ.

Ph Balanced

Choose baby products marked “pH balanced,” or “pH neutral”, you can see the mark on the product packaging. So is pH balance that important? It’s important to pay attention to pH levels to maintain healthy skin, especially for the first few weeks.

The surface of a newborn’s skin changes to pH 5.5 from neutral. Neutral pH means neither alkaline nor acidic or pH 7. In most baby products, you may not be able to tell the pH level in detail, it just says pH balanced/neutral pH. If your baby’s skin, does not flake, is not dry, and looks healthy, then you may have found the right pH-neutral product.

Consider Baby Products With Natural Ingredients

The ingredients to avoid in baby care products are chemicals, although we all know that chemicals have various functions for a care product. But try to consider baby products made with natural ingredients, this is more advisable for your baby.

So what are the natural ingredients commonly used in baby products? Almond oil, aloe vera, almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and other natural ingredients are often used in baby care products.

Now you know how to choose the ideal care products for your baby. Give the best of all you’ve got for your baby’s health, starting from choosing safe baby products.

5 Tips and Advice for New Parents

Are you a new parent? You probably need quite a lot of advice that can help you do everything better. There are a lot of things that first-time parents have to prepare for, and maybe not all of them can be done well due to limited experience. Therefore, we will give you the advice that you might need right now to be the best parents for your baby.

Every New Parent Needs Their Initial Advice

Many people don’t know that being a parent is not easy. New parents have to learn a lot of things related to caring for a baby and this may be a tiring activity for every day. Many new parents feel anxious, fearful, and stressed in the early months of their child’s birth.

Parenting tips are needed for every new parent. No matter what you’ve prepared, it still has its fun and challenges. But at least you already know some useful advice to handle baby care problems that can come and go.

Perfection is not something you should aim for, because there is no perfection in anything including parenting.

Parenting Advice for New Parents

Check out some of the parenting advice below that every new parent needs.

Don’t get panic easily

Even though this is your first experience of being a real parent, you don’t need to panic when there are parenting issues. Don’t panic too much when your baby vomits, cries loudly, and so on. You need to know that your baby feels your anxiety.

Many parents waste the first year worrying about the little things. These worries can prevent new parents from enjoying the first year with their baby. At least you need to remember that your child is tougher than you think.

Should I wake my baby when I want to breastfeed?

Just let your baby wake up when they feel hungry, you don’t need to wake them up forcibly. But make sure that the milk intake needs are well met. Take care of your baby’s health just like you take care of your health. Make sure you have enough sleep.

Regular breastfeeding can provide many benefits. Waking your baby up to feed him can be done just like in the early years. Don’t hesitate to breastfeed even if your baby is sleeping. Waking a sleeping baby may be a bad idea, but breastfeeding your baby early on is very important.

Find out how vomiting and spitting differ

You might not be able to tell the difference between the two because the symptoms are quite similar. The difference between the two is the frequency, it’s not about the force. Vomiting can be noticed because of the pressure, but frequency is another important factor to look out for.

While vomiting is usually food-related, vomiting due to gastrointestinal viruses usually occurs every 30-45 minutes.

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Treat your baby’s mouth regularly

Before it’s too late, take care of your baby’s oral health. Pay attention to the intensity of drinking baby milk if your baby’s teeth erupt because it can trigger cavities. Another tip is to prepare a wet gauze if you want to wipe the gums. Babies can start using a toothbrush when they are 1 year old.

Also, make sure your child is getting enough fluoride to prevent cavities.

Let your baby cry

Babies can cry 3-4 hours a day, crying is one of the ways babies communicate. It can be said that all babies in the world cry, but some babies may cry more intensely than others.

So, that’s some advice you might need as a new parent. Day by day, you will eventually be able to deal with parenting issues faster and easier.

Guide to Choose the Right Baby Gear

Did any of you just have a child? Then you need to prepare various baby gear that your baby needs. Because there is no previous experience, it might be quite difficult for you to choose baby stuff. Some baby gear you need to buy and some you should avoid, buy only what you need.

To make it easier for you to choose baby gear, check out the following article.

What Baby Gear to Buy?

A baby in every couple’s life is something to be grateful for. Married couples must not only prepare physically and mentally, they must prepare various baby needs so that their development does not experience problems. Choosing baby stuff should not be excessive, and do not just choose.

It must be considered in terms of health, safety, comfort, and various other factors. Then what baby gear needs to be prepared, try to consider the list of baby products below:

Baby Bathtub

One of the important baby equipment that you prepare is a bathtub. You need to choose a bathtub with a size that suits your baby. Babies have small bodies, and their bodies are also more vulnerable, therefore you must use a special bathtub for babies.

As a consideration, you can choose a bathtub that is easy to store or one that can be folded. Make sure the bathtub you buy can support your baby’s comfort while bathing.

Baby Crib

Babies should sleep comfortably in a safe, clean place. Consider buying a special crib bed for your baby. Most cribs are made using eco-friendly materials. It is very important to pay attention to the material of the crib and make sure it is safe for your baby.

Don’t focus on the low price because this is for the safety and comfort of your baby. Also, buy a crib that comes with other useful features such as storage, you can store various other baby equipment in the storage.

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Safety Fence for Baby

Also, consider a safety railing, you may have seen this baby gear or even seen it often at the kid’s playground. If your baby can only crawl, they will love to explore everything around them. We can’t stop their exploratory activities, but they still need to be taken care of.

To keep your baby safe, consider installing a safety fence. You can install it in the staircase area, doorway, kitchen, and several other areas. This safety fence is easy for you to disassemble at any time. A very important thing in safety fence products is that there should not be any sharp corners because sharp corners will be dangerous for babies.

Baby Stroller

If we are talking about baby gear, of course, a baby stroller is what you need to prepare. With a stroller, you can go out with your baby. So what should be considered when choosing a baby stroller?

Most baby strollers have similar specifications, but you need to choose a stroller with a canopy to block out the sun. Then to make it even safer, the stroller you choose should have a seat belt.

Feeding Bottle

Feeding bottles are used to store breast milk, milk can be stored so that it can be more easily used later when the baby wants to breastfeed. For mothers who don’t have enough time to breastfeed, feeding bottles should be prepared. When choosing a feeding bottle product, make sure it is free of harmful ingredients and BPA-free.

Consider a feeding bottle that has a silicone straw to make it soft and comfortable for the baby to use.

More Tips When Choosing Baby Gear

Check the list of baby gear you need, and choose each product carefully. When you want to buy baby clothes, try to choose a larger size. Babies grow up quite fast. To avoid overspending, consider bigger baby clothes and buy only enough.

When choosing baby clothes, avoid those with beads because they will hurt the skin, not to mention the baby’s skin is still very sensitive and vulnerable. Choose baby clothes that have simple openings so that you can more easily change off and put on clothes, especially when you want to change diapers.

Prioritize the most important baby supplies first. Don’t let baby products pile up too much at home. Those are some things you can consider when choosing baby gear.

7 Tips for Ensuring Your Baby’s Health

Taking care of a baby is sometimes quite tiring, a newborn baby must be cared for and taken care of properly at all times. Not a few new parents feel scared and panic when in the end they have to take care of the baby with their efforts. So that you can take good care of your newborn baby, try to refer to the guide below.

Learn How to Keep Your Newborn Baby Healthy

First experiences don’t always go smoothly, including having a new baby. Even though you have learned a lot, there are times when you still face difficulties while doing so. It’s only natural for every new parent to feel confused and nervous when caring for their baby and keeping them healthy at all times.

Taking care of a baby is tiring but can be learned so that you are more adept at keeping your baby healthy. Day by day, parents must be used to caring for their babies with great care.

1. Newborn Care Guide

Give the best for your child as a good parent, and build a good commitment by providing attention, care, and affection. All of that is needed so that your baby can grow healthily. Let’s find out how to keep your newborn baby healthy below.

2. Support The Neck And Head When Holding The Baby

You need to know the right way to hold your baby. Make sure you are confident and calm when carrying your baby so that the baby can also feel comfortable when he is carried. Support both the baby’s neck and head when lifting and carrying them.

Use one hand to support the baby’s spine, head, and neck, and use the other hand to support the buttocks to provide support for lifting the baby.

By using this method, you can hold the baby stably, and neck injuries can also be avoided. You need to remember that babies are still weak, they are not strong enough to hold their bodies.

3. Clean Baby Diapers Regularly

Wet a cotton swab with clean water, then wipe the pubic area with the swab, you can also use a wet washcloth. Clean from the very front to the very back. Do not clean from the anus to the genital area.

Dry with a soft towel or tissue. Then don’t forget to wash your hands both before and after.

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4. Wash Your Hands First Before Handling The Baby

Before you hold your baby, make sure your hands are clean enough. Wash your hands first using clean water and soap, you can also use hand sanitizer to ensure the cleanliness of your hands before holding your baby.

You need to remember that a newborn baby’s body is not immune enough and is more susceptible to infection. Not only should you make sure your hands are clean, but it’s also important to make sure others have clean hands before handling your baby.

5. Understand Hunger Cues

It is important to take care of your baby’s nutritional needs so you need to understand what your baby signals when they are hungry. Babies will show certain signs such as making sounds (tasting), putting their hands in their mouths, or grasping their hands.

Don’t let your baby’s crying be a sign that you need to breastfeed them. It’s better to breastfeed according to these signs, and not to adjust to your pre-set schedule.

The time needed for a baby to breastfeed is between 5-30 minutes. The duration may be shorter or longer, if this is the case, then it is necessary to evaluate.

6. The Sleeping Atmosphere Should Be As Comfortable As Possible

The comfort of sleep can affect the health of the baby. The ideal sleep time for newborn babies is 20 hours per day. The total sleep time is divided into several sleep periods, ranging from 20 minutes – 4 hours. Every parent needs to keep their baby’s sleeping environment as optimal as possible.

Set the room temperature at a temperature that is not too hot and not too cold either. Make sure the room is well-ventilated and lit. It is best if the baby sleeps on its back to prevent SIDS. Prepare a bed that has a flat base, also avoid putting objects around the baby that can cover his head, such as dolls, pillows, or blankets.

7. Do Not Shake The Baby’s Body

Last but not least, to maintain your baby’s health, do not shake his body, either when you are anxious with your baby, while playing, or even when you are stressed. The bad effects that can occur when shaking his body too hard are brain hemorrhages and can have other fatal consequences.

Explaining Safety Standards for Baby Products

You may find many baby bottle products but not all of them are safe for babies to use. You need to know some of the main criteria for a safe feeding bottle so that it does not adversely affect your baby’s health. Let’s find out what are the safety standards for feeding bottles that you need to know.

BPA-free, Common Safety Standard for Feeding Bottle

Most baby bottles are made using plastic. To make the plastic harder, less breakable, and clearer, some manufacturers use BPA or bisphenol A when making feeding bottle products.

BPA plastic can contaminate the beverage in the feeding bottle. When ingested, it can increase the risk of several health problems. BPA enters the baby’s body because the milk they consume or other intake is contaminated with the chemical.

While the amount of BPA itself depends on the sterilization temperature and the type of bottle. The risk of health problems due to BPA can be such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, metabolic disorders, high blood pressure, hormone disorders, and so on although further research studies are needed.

Not only in feeding bottle products, some other children’s equipment may contain BPA such as lunch boxes, toys, cups, and so on.

Know the Baby Product Safety Standard Symbols

When buying baby supplies, you might be confused by the various symbols you can find on the packaging. Each of these symbols has a specific use and you should know. Because these symbols are related to the content of the product is safe or dangerous for children (child safety).

You will also find it easier to choose safe baby stuff. Let’s find out what the symbols are below:

Polypropylene or PP

Polypropylene is one category of plastic that is safe to use for baby products. You can find this plastic in sauce bottles, straws, medicine bottles, baby bottles, and so on. Polypropylene plastic is claimed to survive even at high temperatures. If you want to buy a baby feeder or feeding bottle, it is recommended to choose products with the PP / Polypropylene symbol.

Conformité Europeenne or CE

The next symbol is Conformité Europeenne or CE, actually this symbol does not mean that the product is safe for babies to use. Conformité Europeenne is more indicative of the product conforming to European Union standards so that its quality can be better ensured. So, it’s not about whether it’s safe or not but more about the quality.

To get the CE symbol on a product, the product must go through a series of rigorous trials or tests.

Age Label

You may find this symbol more often on toy products. You can also find age labels on children’s food or drink products. When you see this symbol on a product you want to buy, look at the age number.

For example, 0-3 means that the product should not be used for infants less than 3 years old. The age label symbol explains that the product in question should not be used for certain criteria. So, you should buy baby products with the age symbol in mind for safe use.

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Kite Mark

The use of Kite Mark is similar to CE, this symbol wants to tell you that the product has passed the due diligence test but is based on British Standard Institution. You can find this symbol in quite a lot of product categories and international ones. With the various symbols above, you will be helped when buying baby products. These symbols can ensure that a baby product has been properly tested for safety.

Baby Bottle Buying Tips

First of all, consider BPA-free as we explained above. But you can also consider glass bottles as an alternative option. When using glass bottles, you need to be extra vigilant because if the quality is not good enough, it can easily crack or even break in high temperatures.

Also, find out the correct numbering code for baby bottles. Generally, feeding bottles have a symbol number 4, this symbol indicates that the product is made with LDPE or low-density polyethylene material. While number 5 indicates that the feeding bottle product is made with PP or polypropylene.

Also, do not use or buy damaged feeding bottles. If the baby bottle you are using is discolored or scratched, it is advisable to buy a new one. Damaged baby bottles are likely to contaminate the milk. Don’t forget to use special cleaning soap for baby equipment. Make sure the ingredients are safe and gentle, and avoid soaps with ingredients that can be irritative.